Department of Music / Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Music

Department of Music / Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Music

A Brief History and Current Situation

The department of Music at Shih-Chien University, one of the long-standing institutions in professional music education in Taiwan, was founded in 1969. Led by the first director, Professor Chuan-Shen Lu, a prominent figure in chorus and children’s education in Taiwan, the department began with a 3-year course emphasizing in piano and vocal majors within the then-all-female senior college scheme. In 1985, the department expanded and the college acquired, among many other state-of-the-art facilities, a German Grotrian Steinway – a bold investment more than a decade prior to Taiwan’s economic miracles, as well as a new building where the department of music has since been housed. The state-of-the-art facility made the department of music, USC, a magnet for more and more competitive students.

In 1997, Shih-Chien College of Home Economics was upgraded and renamed Shih-Chien University; thus as well began a new phase for the department of Music. With more than 100 full-time and part-time faculty members – mostly alumni of prestigious music schools and conservatories around the world, the department of Music, USC, proudly offers solid academic training and professional performance opportunities for students. The department recruits around 40 undergraduate students majoring in 5 categories: Piano, Voice, Strings, Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion, and Composition/Theory, while the recently approved graduate program enrolled an array of prize winners in music competitions.


Our mission is to develop outstanding performers and educators with artistic passion and culture devotion.


  1. Our curriculum design and concept aims to keep balance between academic theories and marketing realities.
  2. We provide not only professional training for a future performing career, but also multi-facet lectures to expand employment and profession dimensions for music-major graduates.
  3. In coordination with the Center of Education Program, we offer fifteen enrollments each year for students who are interested in secondary school music education.


The music building houses a concert hall, 6 well-equipped classrooms, 8 teaching studios, 35 air-conditioned practice rooms, one percussion studio, one orchestra rehearsal room, and one electronic keyboard and computer laboratory. There is also an extensive collection of music books, scores, journals, and a massive collection of audios/videos in the school library. 


  1. Our professional curriculum aims in a balanced fusion of aesthetics and performing skills, with solid theory training and practices.
  2. We provide a significant portion of courses in humanities and art theories in order to nourish the development of future professional musicians.
  3. Aside from academic trainings, we offer cutting-edge selective courses for students to improve their competiveness in various music-related job markets.

International Collaboration

International and national academic exchanges form a substantial part in academic activities at the department of music, USC. We regularly invite leading artists and educators to give lectures, master-classes, and concerts. The USC symphony orchestra, wind ensemble and choir also participate in international and national music festivals.


Full Time Professors

Associate Prof. Jeng-Hong SONG
Full-time associate professor and Chair of the Department of Music, Shih-Chien University, Taiwan.
Also associate professor of the doctoral program of cultural and creative industries.He as part-time Faculty at National Taipei University of the Arts.

learning experience
Shih-Chien University, Taiwan Music Department Trumpet Major
Major in Sound Engineering, Institute of Electronic and Experimental Music, National University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna Austria.

Music work experience
China Broadcasting Corporation’s domestic music group classical music program, executive producer.
Audio Engineer, Cultural Bureau, Vienna City Government, Austria
Studio Sound Engineering Assistant, Editing Engineer

After returning to Taiwan in 1997, he devoted himself to the education of audio-related courses in Taiwan, and served as: Department of Music Department of Shih-Chien University, Taiwan.: Audio Technology Course, Musical Instrument Course, Wind Ensemble.

Master’s Program: Research on Wind Orchestra Works, Research on Orchestral Music Works, Major in Sound Design, Recording Practice, Special Topics in Theatre and Concert Hall.He also serves as a tutor for popular music clubs and clubs in the Shih-Chien University.

Enthusiastic about social services, and giving full play to his expertise, he often participates in Taiwan major cultural facilities, and has long been the interface between the engineering and performing arts circles, striving for the greatest interests and needs of performing arts in major domestic cultural construction projects.

He is also often invited to participate in cultural and creative-related policy planning, reviewers of music competitions at all levels, and committee members of other university thesis oral examinations.Since 2004, he has been a member of the Music Term Review Committee of the National Academy of Education. 2000 till May 2022 committee ceases to function.

Professor Hui-Kang OuYang

Dr. Hui-Kang OuYang enjoys his career as a prominent Taiwanese violinist, conductor and pedagogue. He has given many acclaimed concerts in America, France, German, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Japan, China and his home town Taiwan. Frequently invited as guest artist by orchestras such as National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble con brio Würzburg, Taipei Chamber Orchestra, Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Taipei Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra, Pro Arte Orchestra, Dr. OuYang has won acclaims with his wonderful interpretation and virtuosity in both violin performance and conducting. With passion for contemporary music, OuYang has premiered various compositions by native composers, among them the most significant were the opera Hsu Hsian and Lady Bai by Zhi-Yun Guo, and with Taipei String Quartet which he was the founding member, chamber music works by prominent composers Duen Tai, Hwang-Long Pan and Tai-Xiang Li. In addition to above works, he has given the European premiere of Taiwanese composer Tyzen Hsiao’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra and conducted various Taiwanese orchestral works in Japan. Starting 2007, Dr. OuYang serves as the advisor of the National Project for Music Talent; a plan sponsored by the Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, and has successfully promoted young Taiwanese violinists to gain world recognition.

Extracts of concert reviews OuYang has received:

La Montagne (France) ─“luxe calme et virtuosité”

La Voix Du Cantal (France) ─“OuYang  s’est employé ã server au mieux le maître!”

Winterthur (Switzerland) ─

“Alles ist perfekt! Alles so, wie anspruchsvolle Musikgeniesser sich gerne verwöhnen lassen”

AugsburgerGermany) ─Künstler vereinen zwei Kontinente

Dr. OuYang holds degrees from Mannes College of Music in New York and State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is currently a professor of music and conductor of University Symphony Orchestra at Shih Chien University. Due to his excellent achievements, OuYang has been awarded “The Honorary Alumnus Award” from National Taiwan University of Arts, and “Outstanding Professor Award” from Shih Chien University.

Associate Prof. Yu-Ting Huang

Master degree of University of Southern California in Music Education

Profession in:
Piano, Rudimental Training in Music, Piano Pedagogy, Appreciation of Western Classical Music.
National Universities Academic Joint Admissions Assessment and Examiner: Piano, Sight-singing, Music Theory, Dictation.
National Music Competition Assessment: Piano, Chamber Music, Children’s Band, Harmonica, Recorder, Recorder Ensemble.

Students awarded:
“Taipei Music Competition Individual Group A Piano Solo” – Third prize
“Czech Prague Music Season Piano Competition”- 5th place in the Asian youth group

Assessment for Graduation recital and thesis in the master’s degree of music department: National Taiwan Normal University, National Taipei University of Education, National University of Tainan, National Chiayi University, National Taipei University of Education, Fu Jen Catholic University, Department of Music of Shih Chien University, Department of Occupational Therapy of Cheng Kung University Oral Examiner.

As an assessment for music-related activities: As an assessment of the Northern District High School Music Class, The assessment of the Tainan City Arts Talent Class, The performance assessment of the Keelung Cultural Bureau, Taoyuan Elementary School Artist Talent Music Class Joint Assessment, As a host of Haydn Seminar “The Perspective of Reception Aesthetics” Haydn research paper, The oral assessment of National Taipei University of Education of Master and Doctoral Program of Music Department.

Associate Prof. Hua-Rong Yen

One of the most sought-after pianists in Taiwan, Artemis H. R. Yen has attained to a unique place among the performers of her generation. Yen enjoys an highly active and versatile performing career with her solo and chamber performances winning critical acclaims from professionals and music-lovers alike, even her program notes has long become concert-goers’ collector item, Artemis Yen readily brings ideas and compassion to her native soil, Taiwan.

Granted the Post-Graduate Diploma (“Aspirantura”) in Piano Performance (an equivalent to a doctorate in music performing, or an Assistant Professor Certificate) from the famed Moscow State Conservatory, Russia in December 1997, Artemis Yen is the first Taiwanese citizen to be awarded such a degree from the famous conservatory. Yen studied with two of the most prominent professors, the late legendary flamboyant Prof. Evgeny V. Malinin, and the world-renown educator, Prof. Lev N. Naumov, successors to one of the finest Russian piano traditions – the faculty of the late Heinrich. G. Neuhaus. Yen also worked with the outstanding pianists, Natalia Troull, C. Keene, Abbey Simon, Oxana Yablonskaya, Diane Andersen, John Perry, Robert Roux, Andrei Diev, and the beloved late T. Nikolayeva.

With an extensive repertoire including the lesser frequented gems of the past and contemporary music of piano literature at hands, Yen enjoys   concerts that brought her music to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine, Vladikavkaz, N. Ossetian Republic, Russian Federation; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; New York, Gainsville, U.S.A; Yen enjoysed the privilege of working with world-renown musicians such as violinists Lev Klychkov, Keng-yuan Tseng, violist Nobuko Imai, and star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan.

Ms. Yen is as much active an author on music and an esteemed scholar, she shares her musicianship, knowledge and passion as one of the most popular speakers for major orchestras in Taiwan – her pre-concert lecturers and films enjoy an unprecedent popularity. Yen is also an author of two books and a reviewer-contributor to Performing Arts Review and MUZIK – the most popular Chinese-language magazine on classical music.

Yen founded, directed, and performed solo and chamber concerts at the Rachmaninoff Festival 2013 in Taiwan celebrating the composer’s 140 jubilee. Yen’s latest recording with accompanying book of Mozart and Prokofiev sonatas has been released in 2013; her first vinyl record “Seasons”, recorded live in Taipei National Concert Hall and released in 2016.

Born in Taiwan, Yen was nurtured in the Special Program for The Musically Gifted under the auspices of the government from elementary through high school, winning prizes in various local and national piano, composing, cello and writing competitions. Prof. Alexander Sung – a winner of International Johann-Sebastian-Bach Competition – was her mentor of 11 years. Yen graduated Summa Cum Laude from the National Institute of the Arts (Now Taipei National University of the Arts), Taiwan in 1993.

Yen is full-time faculty member of Department of Music, Shih-Chien University, Taiwan.

Associate Prof. Ming-Li Wu

“Great artist, Marvelous performance!”

— Praised by French newspaper La Voix Du Cantal

The prominent Taiwanese violist and pedagogue Ming-Li Wu started playing the viola, piano, and erhu (二胡) from an early age. She has received various accolades from National Musical Competitions in Taiwan. A graduate of The Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) and Manhattan School of Music (MSM), Wu has studied with distinguished artists including Emanuel Vardi, Leonard Davis, Irene Wilhelmi, Jean Dane, and Tasso Adamopoulos.

During her time in the United States, Wu has received scholarships from the Manhattan School of Music and the Waterloo Music Festival. With a deep devotion to chamber music, She has also studied with American String Quartet, Michael Tree (violinist), Daniel Aushalomov (violist), Lazar Gosman (violinist), and Marian Feldman (cellist).

As an active string performing artist, Ming-Li Wu has served as the Associate Principal Violist of the United Experimental Orchestra (now National Symphony Orchestra), Principal Violist of Taipei Chamber Orchestra, Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, The Manhattan Philharmonic Orchestra of New York City, Greenwich Symphony Orchestra of Connecticut and Hunter Symphony Orchestra in New York City. Wu has performed in various countries including United States, France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Japan, Myanmar and others. She is also frequently invited by international music festivals such as the Viola Congress, Waterloo Music Festival, Florence International Music Festival, and Enlightenment Summer Music Festival.

A founding member of Ensemble Grande String Quartet, Wu has had various chamber music performances at Taiwan’s National Concert Hall and other music venues, receiving critical acclaim for the group’s delicate and inspiring interpretation. A sought-after artist, Wu is frequently invited as a guest artist for groups such as the Music Trio, the Taipei Soloists’ Orchestra, the Impression Piano Trio, the Vocalists’ Association and the Taiwan Baroque Orchestra. To commemorate the 100th birthday of the late French composer Olivier Messiaen, Wu has performed chamber music in Paris, France, with Roland Daugareil (concertmaster of the Paris Orchestra) and Philip Muller (professor of cello at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Conservatoires).

Wu is currently a full-time associate professor for the Department of Music at Shih Chien University and an adjunct associate professor at National Taiwan University of the Arts and Soochow University. She also serves as the artistic director for Ensemble Grande String Quartet. As a devoted music educator, Wu contributed great efforts in music education and achieved considerable results in the promotion of viola and chamber music. In addition to cultivating many talented string students, she is often invited to serve as a judge in various national music competitions and important examinations.

Assistant prof. Kueiju Lin

Born in Taipei, Kueiju Lin is a Taiwanese composer who enjoys working with acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, sound installations and interdisciplinary collaborations in both theater and dance. She has collaborated extensively with Taiwan’s theatre and dance groups. Her collaborative project “Kuang-Qi” won four awards at the 2017 Bangkok International Theatre Festival, including best art-direction, “Dear John” won the best 5 art works in the 2013 Taishin Arts Awards. Her music has been performed in concerts and festivals in Taiwan and internationally, including Festival d’Avignon Off (France), Busan International Performing Arts Festival (Korea), OzAsia Festival (Australia), as well as in Japan, Poland, Canada and across the U.S.A.. Kueiju is also an improviser on piano. Her debut album “Classy Bluster – Improvised Music by Kueiju and Friends” is released in December 2010.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Composition from the Taipei National University of the Arts and a PhD. in Composition from University of California, San Diego.

She is currently an assistant professor at Shih-Chien University, and the core artist of the M.O.V.E. Theater Group, Taiwan.

Assistant prof. Hui-Mei Chen

Hui-Mei CHEN began her professional career at the age of twenty as flutist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan and acquired her official teaching post just about the same time. After her study in Conservatoire National de la Région de Paris, she assumed an even more active role in Taiwan’s musical scene, as a pedagogue as well as a performer. She obtained her DEA degree at the University of Paris IV/Sorbonne and the IRCAM during 1996-1997, which launched her new career as an academic researcher. In her third venture to Paris, she obtained her Ph. D. degree with highest honours in Music and Musicology of Twentieth Century at the University of Paris IV/Sorbonne on 2007 with her dissertation on the Japanese composer Yoshihisa Taïra (1937-2005). Since then she was engaged as a very active researcher and invited to participate to conferences in Taiwan as in foreign countries. After teaching at several universities in Taipei, since August 2017, she begins a full-time assistant professor position at Shih Chien University in Taipei. Besides her teaching works, Hui-Mei CHEN continue the activities as performer by giving regularly live flute recitals with varied combinations, and as keynote speaker or presenter by attending academic conferences.

Assistant prof. Lin, Yun-hung

Lin Yun-hung holds a master’s degree in tuba performance from the Eastman School of Music and is taught by Professor Don Harry. He was a member in Eastman Wind Ensemble, and had performed at Carnegie Hall in 2005.

In college, he graduated from the Department of Life Sciences(Biology) of Fu Jen Catholic University, and the Department of Music as an auxiliary department.

Yun-hung has won the National Music solo Competition in tuba (1999), trumpet (2001).

He has taught at TaiTung University, Chinese Cultural University, and National Taiwan University of Arts. Currently, he is a full-time assistant professor and conductor of the Wind Ensemble in the Department of Music of Shih-Chien University, the president of the Taiwan Tuba and Euphonium Association, and the Artist of ADAMS Euphonium.

Lecturer Tsai, Yun-Hsuan

She received her music education from Shih Chien University (2010) and Master of music degree in vocal performance from National conservatory of CRR de Rueil-Malmaison in Paris ,France (2012).

She obtained the first place in the National conservatory of CRR de Rueil-Malmaison.

She received many invitations to perform while studies in France. Include Paris, Bordeaux and other cities, she also invited to the Nice City Hall in France. In conservatory of Vincennes , each month will be invited to participate in regular performances, In France during which she was received enthusiastically by audiences.

In addition to singing she teaches now at Shih-Chien University.

Part Time Professors

StringViolinHsu, Hsi-LungAssociate Prof.
StringViolinWang, Chen-YunAssistant prof.
StringViolinChen, En-ChiaAssistant prof.
StringViolinChen, Yu-AnLecturer
StringViolinChen, Chau-ChuanLecturer
StringViolinChen, Huei-EnLecturer
StringViolaLiu, Yung-HuaAssociate Prof.
StringCelloChou, Yu-WenProfessor
StringCelloChing-Ling WanAssociate Prof.
StringCelloHuang, Ying-YuanAssistant prof.
StringBassFu, Yung-HoAssociate Prof.
StringGuitarHuang, Hsiu-LiLecturer
StringHarpHsu, Shu-TingLecturer
Vocal WU, BAI YU-HSIAssistant prof.
Vocal Chi, Mei-YangLecturer
Vocal Chou, Mei -ChihLecturer
Vocal Liau, Chong-BoonLecturer
Wind & PercussionFluteWu, Hsiao-JanAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionFluteWeng, Li-MeiAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionFluteMiyazaki, ChikaLecturer
Wind & PercussionOboeHung,Chien-ChihAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionClarinetYang, Chiao HuiAssistant prof.
Wind & PercussionClarinetJin, Yu-ChunLecturer
Wind & PercussionClarinetYang, Yuan-ShuoLecturer
Wind & PercussionBassoonJian, Kai-YuAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionBassoonChien, En-YiAssistant prof.
Wind & PercussionSaxophoneTsai, Chia HsiuLecturer
Wind & PercussionSaxophoneHuang, Chien ILecturer
Wind & PercussionHornJiang, Yueh-JungAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionHornWang, Chi-YangLecturer
Wind & PercussionTrumpetSugiki, KaoruLecturer
Wind & PercussionTromboneShiu, Hang-FatLecturer
Wind & PercussionTromboneLee, Shyan-JerLecturer
Wind & PercussionEuphoniumLin, Tzu-HsiangLecturer
Wind & PercussionPercussionWu, Pei-ChingAssociate Prof.
Wind & PercussionPercussionHuang, Ya-LinLecturer
Wind & PercussionPercussionSun, LingLecturer
Piano Chen, Wen-WanAssociate Prof.
Piano Hsu, Chia-ChiAssociate Prof.
Piano Lin, Hsiang-DiAssistant prof.
Piano Tsai, Shih-HaoAssistant prof.
Piano Lin, Chuan-YiAssistant prof.
Piano Chia, Yuan-YuanAssistant prof.
Piano Hung, Chia-SuiAssistant prof.
Piano Teng-Kuan WangAssistant prof.
Piano Lin,Sheng-YingAssistant prof.
Piano Wang, Wen-ChuanAssistant prof.
Piano Chen, Wan-ChienAssistant prof.
Piano TU, Chin-WenLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Hung, Yun-HuiAssociate Prof.
Music Theory and Music Applications Du, Ming-YuenAssistant prof.
Music Theory and Music Applications HsuChien, Shuang-YiAssistant prof.
Music Theory and Music Applications Chen Jui-ChengAssistant prof.
Music Theory and Music Applications Lin, Kuan-LiangAssistant prof.
Music Theory and Music Applications LIU, HSIANG-HSIANGLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Yang, Yu -LinLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Hsieh, Meng-JueiLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Chiang, Chia-JenLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications LIN, MENG-CHUNLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Kuo, Chia-YaoLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Hsiung, Tsu-ShengLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Hsu, Yi-ShengLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Lu, Yen-ChingLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Meng-Shan WuLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Chen, Yu-ChienLecturer
Music Theory and Music Applications Tsai, Yu-LunLecturer

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